Short bio: english version
born in Heitersheim
School in Heitersheim
School, Faust-Gymnasium-Staufen
Education in banking accountance in Heidelberg
Occupation as bank accountant Sparkasse-Staufen
Painting Artist
I always painted in my junior seasons, as a child, i have many interests, but the art is my favourite one.

How to paint was made by my own, i was always training myself through reading books or visiting

My Statement: "Art is Life".

My techniques are oil-, acrylic- and ink, my themes are portraits of women, and nude and
actual beautiful animals or abstact arts

Since 1984 making photographs, oil, pastel and water color.
Since 1992 painting on silk.
2001-2015 joining the free artist circle in Heitersheim.
Since 2004 experiments with acrylic.
Since 2015 Member of Künstlerkreis FreeArt
Since 2016 Pictures with bottle cups

2016 First Prize Theme „Hungary“, L' Art au Coeur de l' Europe Illzach/Mulhouse, France

I like to paint special pictures for you, please ask for it !

It will last 1-2 weeks or up to 6 months.

The prices are only for private people! Galleries have to ask for it..

Please send me a E-Mail to:

or make a call: +49 (0) 7634-2171889

or contact:
Klemens Seegerov
79423 Heitersheim

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